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Book by Hannah Kohl, Music by Will Aronson, Lyrics by Daniel Maté

World Premiere: Village Theater, Issaquah, WA (upcoming - Spring, 2020) - Directed by Jerry Dixon

Industry Reading: New York, NY (2019) - Co-Directed by Victoria Clark and Jerry Dixon

Staged Reading, Village Theatre Festival of New Musicals: Issaquah, WA (Summer, 2018) - Directed by Victoria Clark

Gretl - yes, that Gretl - is now a single mom living in modern day Chicago, still suffering from the trauma of her fairytale childhood. Her 21st century kids are fed up with stuffing their pockets full of pebbles and dream of the impossible: a normal childhood. But when long-lost Uncle Hansel shows up at their doorstep, they are plunged into an unexpected adventure that brings the family together. This smart and bold new musical is a riotous tumble of past and present that will leave you smiling. 


Book by Hannah Kohl & Martin Lingnau, Music and Lyrics by Rolf Zuckowski

World Premiere - Schmidts-Tivoli Theater, Hamburg, Germany (Winter, 2018) - Directed by Carolin Spieß

Schmidts-Tivoli Theater, Hamburg, Germany (upcoming - Winter, 2019) & German National Tour (upcoming - Winter, 2019)

When three siblings wish for snow, their parents are trapped in the big city and they must manage Christmas on their own. A beautiful family story about finding the spirit of Christmas in the everyday wonder around us. Produced by Stückgut.


Book by José Manuel Lopez Velarde, Lyrics by José Manuel Lopez Velarde and Hannah Kohl, Music by Hannah Kohl

English Language Adaptation (from Spanish) by Hannah Kohl

Industry Reading - New York Voices, Joe's Pub at the Public Theater: New York, NY (Spring, 2016)


THE GAME OF THE NAME follows five children as they search for their names in the basement of the earth and decide for themselves who - and what - they want to be. This new family musical, funded with a grant from the Public Theater’s New York Voices series, weaves together puppetry, song and imaginative storytelling as we step away from what is expected and explore what is true.



Book & Lyrics by Hannah Kohl, Music by Mark Messing

Based on the book The Houdini Box written and illustrated by Brian Selznick and published by Atheneum Books for Young Readers

World Premiere - Chicago Children's Theater: Chicago, IL (Spring, 2012)


As famed escape artist Harry Houdini circles the globe performing one incredible stunt after another, Victor, a young devotee goes through his own rigorous magician’s training – locking himself in closets, holding his breath under water and walking into walls.  After a chance encounter with his hero, Victor receives a special box that just might contain the secrets of Houdini’s great success.


"Hannah Kohl, has an innate understanding of the Selznick aesthetic and vocabulary. She extends his narrative just enough for it to work as drama but retains its distinctive rhythm and spirit." - Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune (January 30, 2012)


Read Full Review here: "With Puppets and Music, Meeting Houdini Through the Eyes of a Child" by Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune




Book and Lyrics by Hannah Kohl, Music by Matteo Martis

Industry Reading - New York, NY (Spring, 2009)

Leonardo da Vinci races to find a way to pass on all that he's learned and discovered in this fantastical retelling of his final years as a guest of the French king. Through an unexpected friendship with a kitchen worker, Leonardo shifts his focus from capturing the energy of the sun to capturing his own energy... and finding a way to share his light with the rest of the world. 


Book, Music and Lyrics by Hannah Kohl

World Premiere - Monterrey, Mexico (Fall, 2007)

When trouble comes to the perfectly perfect town of Schoenfeld, everyone decides the blackbird is to blame, until young Felix Schumacher defies the odds and discovers what's really behind the glorious mess of mix-ups, and mayhem.


© 2023by HANNAH KOHL. 

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