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I primarily work on a commission basis, but can also make laser-cut copies of the majority of my pieces. If you'd like to commission something special or would like laser-cut copies of a piece you already own, please contact me directly.

"The genius of Hannah Kohl must be shouted from the rooftops! This is a piece that a group of us commissioned from Hannah as a gift for the founder of The New York Songspace... layered with personal details and is like the best kinds of art -- there is a jolt when you first see it, and the more you look at it, the more your experience deepens and your feelings grow. I hang out with a lot of artists who do superhuman things all the time. But there is something very special about this and I'm thankful to Hannah for giving us all a gift with her work..."


~ Adam Gwon, composer/lyricist of the musical ORDINARY DAYS

Size: 4 x 6 inches


The commissioning process is an exciting, interactive exchange of ideas that results in a heirloom- quality, one-of-a-kind piece of art. Sizes range from petite (2 inches x 3 inches) to as large as my paper will allow, including wall-sized works and installations. If there is a piece in the gallery that you would like to purchase, please inquire. 


PRICING FOR COMMISSIONS: Prices are determined by a number of factors including size and intricacy. Before starting a piece, we have a conversation about budget and desired outcome (style, size, intricacy, how quickly it needs to be completed, etc.). Following that conversation, I will return with a proposal. Once we're in agreement, we're off to the races! 

PRICING FOR LASER-CUT PRINTS: Prices are determined by size and time in the laser-cutter and are generally between $200 - $800.

"American Craftsman"
"Books and Berkowitz"
"Hells Kitchen to Maple Leaf"
"Immer Dein with Meerkats"
"Bainbridge Blackberries"
"Aren't We Lucky?"
"Allie at 13"
"Lee's Brain at 40"
"A Thousand Little Dancers And Marie"
"Tevye's Stars"
"Little Tramp"
"West 10th Street"
"Summer Spirits"
"The Television Garden"
"Winter Astoria"
"Tom's Departure"
"Hermés by the Bay" / "Redhook"
"Mermaids Singing, Each to Each"
"Penguin and Whale"
"Anchored at Bay"
"Schiff und Meer"
"Cuckoo Clock No.1"
"The Time is Now"
"Gehen und Trinken"
"Maus Haus"
"Alphörner und Kühe"
"Ziegen & Yodelers"
"Not One is Alike"
"Bist du da?"
"Summer Pavilion"
"'Timon' of Athens"
"Ducks Inside A Doorway"
"Nuovo Pinocchio"

© 2023by HANNAH KOHL. 

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